Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Anniversary trip to Voss

We've just had out 5th anniversary as a couple, and thought it was worth celebrating. I've also been really starved for travel lately, so we decided to spend a night at a hotel. I found a romantic package deal at Fleischer's Hotel at Voss, a two hour drive away. So we went for it! Here is what waited for us when we arrived.

Can't believe they did this, what is this, Disney?! LOL

We were actually put in the best room they had, the king suite - where the king has actually stayed! Past royalty has also stayed here. It's a beautiful hotel built in the 1800s, so I instantly fell in love with it. Just look at the exterior, it's amazing!

Voss(evangen) is a small village that is very popular for skiing and other sports. It's about an hour by train from Bergen, and the train station is actually behind the hotel! There is even a part of the hotel that is connected to the station, which is newer. The hotel also has a motel that are more apartment style on the other side.

Across the road from the hotel

Voss church, or Vangskyrkja, from the 1200s

Some of you might be familiar with Voss water.
It's actually not from there! But the water there still tastes good, haha.

Pumpkin soup and the best focaccia I've ever had

Tenderloin with potatoes au gratin and pepper sauce

Chocolate fondant, ice cream and strawberries

The three-course meal shown above was included in our package, and we got to sit in the beautiful dining room all alone - only one more couple came later. There were very few guests, and that evening there was only one staff member that we could see, doing the reception, serving and bartending. He provided amazing service, and even put on rock music for us! Never thought I'd hear Metallica among other things in a fancy dining room like that, haha.

King Haakon VII and Queen Maud

Found a chair in my size!

Our room had a jacuzzi! So of course we had to test it out.

Lovely big windows in the breakfast dining room. Sadly there was fog!
I was surprised that hot dishes were cooked to order! But it makes sense.
The photo on the wall is of Magdalene Fleischer, wife of the founder.
She is said to haunt the hotel, specifically room 407.

Can I just say that I love the women's outfits in that photo?

Found a big graveyard!

Some beautiful artisanal chocolates I had to try at a local café!

It was really nice for both of us to get away, even just for a day two hours away. We got to spend quality one-on-one time together, and it brought us closer together. It's so easy to fall into that.. everyday domestic life, you just do what you do, and not so much special. Even though we've spent a year inside all the time, we haven't really had special date night evenings, at least not like this! We're just used to being comfortable with each other, and not having to spend every moment together at home (we're both introverts, after all). I still think it's important to date each other when you're in a longtime relationship, so I wanna try to continue to do it! I also definitely want to go back to Fleischer's sometime.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got my friend who does goth caricatures under Gotikatur to draw one of my favorite wedding photos as a surprise for Simen! Look how cool!

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