Hi, I'm Caroline Åsgård, AKA Caroline Carnivorous. I'm 26 years old and I live in Bergen, Norway with my husband Simen. I'm a big bookworm, lover of music, and I love expressing myself through my looks - when I bother to. When I can I love to travel and go to festivals, but outside of that I'm usually on my couch stuffing my face with junkfood. I also just started DJing!

I started this blog at the end of 2016 / start of 2017, and named it after my favorite The Cure song (Charlotte Sometimes) and myself. I was a leader in two goth communities on the Amino app at the time, and I was microblogging there, and my posts were well received and I realized that in this day and age of fashion-based ''goth'' youtube channels, babybats need more information about the goth subculture. So why not show them the actual life of a NORMAL goth? I started off with showing every outfit I wore, no matter how boring, to show that you don't have to look super amazing every day to be a goth. Now I don't post much of that anymore, since I want longer quality posts on here, but I've kept doing DIY posts when I can, informational and opinion articles, showing events I go to, music and book reviews, occasional fashion posts and other things in my life.

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